Your sub-conscious mind is like a 7 year old kid!

Yes! Really! Your sub-conscious mind has the “maturity” of a 7 year old kid. And this means that it is totally innocent and it believes everything. It has no filters like your conscious mind.

But more important is to know that the sub-conscious part of your brain rules of 80% of all processes. The conscious mind only accounts for about 5% and the primitive brain (reptile brain) another 5%.

Your conscious mind can only think of 1 thing at the time. And it feeds the subconscious mind with data and it is also determining from programing your sub-conscious mind.

If you say: “I’m stupid!” your sub-conscious will take it as truth and will start reprograming itself to react stupidly. And if you say this a lot, your brain will totally accept this as fact.

That is how you program your sub-conscious; by repetition. Advertisers know it, teachers, governments and parents too. If you repeat something enough times, the sub-conscious mind gets programed!

Most of your behavior has been programed on to you. Isn’t that scary? TV shows, movies, 8 pm news, magazines, schools, etc. Are constantly battling for your mind!

That is why you want to become more deliberate about what you expose yourself to. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself. Be mindful of who you are listening to. Be mindful of who you are friends with (because you become like them).

If you want to upgrade your programing, you need to repeat things times enough to have your sub-conscious deliver that as a reality.

Surround yourself with pictures of the things and situations you wish to experience. It really works!

Read more about this, look for this type of information on YouTube, etc. There are also great videos that use hypnosis to help you reprogram yourself for success!

I hope this information helps you! Share with your friends too!


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