Traveling is the path for peace on earth.

I used to have a fixed viewpoint about the world. I was born in Rio de Janeiro and I defined myself as Brazilian. By contrast, everything else was foreign.

What I was used to, I considered normal and foreign things were “weird”. I also was “trigger-happy” with criticism about other cultures.

But having been to 74 countries and seeing the beautiful diversity of humanity at work. Seeing that each culture is an answer to real challenges that were faced by a group of people in a specific environment. Has brought me a lot of hope!

Every culture is precious and unique. And I dropped some of my original programming and adopted behaviors from other cultures because they just work better for me. Re-shaping my personality by choice!

This has allowed me to perfect my life strategy. Traveling is like walking along a long buffet and picking my favorite foods, as opposed to eating the same “culture food”every day from my birth country.

If you are not traveling yet, hurry up! You are missing out!

You will love the freedom and the choices!

And as a by-product, you become more flexible, more understanding, more compassionate and more respectful of differences. These are all skills that mankind need to develop if we want to experience peace on this earth.

Your travels help not only you. It changes the world for the better!

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