One year alcohol graduation celebration!


Today (ish) I’m celebrating one year enjoying life without booze! What an upgrade!

It feels liberating and empowering! And I wasn’t what you call a problem drinker, I was pretty much “on the norm”. But I saw a post from Jeff Berwick on YouTube (see image below)


And I decided to get the book. I got really curious.

And just like what Jeff described, I decided to graduate from booze before I finished the book!

What I found out, and I hope you will check for yourself, is that I never really liked drinking. I was brainwashed into saying that drinking was great!

And once I read about the physiology and what emotional and health price (not to mention the financial costs) that we all pay for this poison, I decided to let it go.

It was easy. And I haven’t touched (nor do I want to) a glass of alcohol since. I experience no desire to drink and I consider myself a winner for not drinking.

I keep enjoying parties and restaurants just the same. Nobody notices that I don’t drink. Nobody cares! And I feel great. I respect myself more, my health and my mood have certainly improved.

I hope this article will trigger your curiosity. You have a lot to gain by taking a look.

This is the book:

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