Are you trying to change your life too?

Well, it begins with a decision. It is like allowing it to happen. You decide to welcome change. And then the transformation begins.





It was in 2013 that my life started to fall apart. My marriage, my business, my social life, all imploded at once. For many years I had tried to be something. To be someone (read: successful). And that way of doing things did not lead to what I expected. I expected happiness and I got the opposite.

My life was full of pretense. And it caught up with me. First my wife filed for divorce and then my business started to go backwards. And when the chocolate hits the fan, I tend to become not very social. I ended up isolated too.

Life is ironic. If you don’t change it deliberately, it will change itself for you. But you won’t enjoy the process!

My stroke of genius was to chose to question myself rather than blame everyone else and God for my situation.

I took a look inside. I did several self-improvement courses and I found myself again. And as a bonus, just when I found myself and I started to like me again, I met Manami. She and I are now married and life has been very exciting since.

To change when you are 50 is not more difficult than at any other age. But one accumulates stuff and it took me 3 years to be able to fully untangle my life from the past.

I decided to look for ways to earn a living without tying myself to a single location. And the answer was the internet. But there are millions of things you can do online and it is easy to get lost. I found a few good answers and my life is pretty sweet right now.

I’m financially free, time free and geographically free. FREE! I love the feeling. As I write this, I’m living for 5 weeks in Valencia (Spain). Our business is here with us. And after here, we are going to Bali. And the business follows.

I want to share with you some of the best strategies that my wife and I discovered and if you have the ambition to do something similar, I sincerely hope our experiences will somehow help you get you to manifest your dreams.

If you have questions, please reach out! I would love to be able to help you succeed!

Be well!