Is this a pyramid? “Yes! And I’m the frickin’ Pharaoh!” – author unknown

Don’t be surprised to have some of your closest friends of family members warn you about “pyramid schemes”. They mean well, but they are probably just ignorant.

Let’s say you would decide to learn French; would you rather get lessons from a French person, or take the advice of your friend that doesn’t speak French at all?

Here is the same. Network marketing is an industry. A multi-billion Dollars per year industry. And there are millions of people working this way. And as for any other business model, many people try and fail. This doesn’t say anything about the business model. It just says something about their abilities and skill level.

If you want to become a lawyer, you study law. If you want to become a network marketer, study network marketing!

And there are many great names in this industry that provide(d) great information to help newbies succeed.

Here is a classic:

There are many more great names. Jim Rohn is one of the earliest mentors. Many generations of successful network marketers owe their careers to the wisdom that mr. Rhon shared. I am very grateful too!

In any case, never stop learning. This industry is based on people skills and self-growth. The basic principle is “learn and share”. Build yourself and help your team members do the same!

And never, never, never, never quit!

I hope this article helped you somehow. Please share it with your friends if you think it might help them too!

One year alcohol graduation celebration!


Today (ish) I’m celebrating one year enjoying life without booze! What an upgrade!

It feels liberating and empowering! And I wasn’t what you call a problem drinker, I was pretty much “on the norm”. But I saw a post from Jeff Berwick on YouTube (see image below)


And I decided to get the book. I got really curious.

And just like what Jeff described, I decided to graduate from booze before I finished the book!

What I found out, and I hope you will check for yourself, is that I never really liked drinking. I was brainwashed into saying that drinking was great!

And once I read about the physiology and what emotional and health price (not to mention the financial costs) that we all pay for this poison, I decided to let it go.

It was easy. And I haven’t touched (nor do I want to) a glass of alcohol since. I experience no desire to drink and I consider myself a winner for not drinking.

I keep enjoying parties and restaurants just the same. Nobody notices that I don’t drink. Nobody cares! And I feel great. I respect myself more, my health and my mood have certainly improved.

I hope this article will trigger your curiosity. You have a lot to gain by taking a look.

This is the book:

Winning your first hour, to win your day!

Do you check your phone just after you woke up? And do you start checking your social media and maybe browse a bit and check the news while getting ready in the morning?

What if I told you that changing how you start your day could get your life to look like how you dream of it?

I highly recommend for you to read this book:

I’m sure you will love it!

And remember to let me know what you think!